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The modern Polish Warfighter is equipped with both proven Cold War-era and modern small arms to meet most any battlefield requirement. Semi-automatics dominate the pistol category and include the German P99 and the local FB VIS 100. The PM-84 continues as a standardized submachine gun solution and the Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun delivers considerable lethality at close ranges. Soviet-era solutions like the AKM are still in play though giving way to more modern, localized products such as the FB Mini-Beryl assault carbine, FB Beryl assault rifle, and MSBS Grot modular assault rifle - all in 5.56mm. A collection of long guns make up the sniper category which still includes the Soviet SVD but also takes on the services of the Finnish Sako TRG and localized Bor in 7.62mm and 0.50cal WKW Wilk offerings. As with any modern fighting force, the Army features various machine guns covering light, general purpose, and heavy categories. Hand grenades, recoilless rifles, and grenade launchers are all in play as well.
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Total Population: 38,093,101

Total Population

Available Manpower

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Army Personnel

NOTES: Values below used (with permission) from the military stats aggregator site www.GlobalFirepower.com, detailing the current strengths and weaknesses of modern military forces by-the-numbers.

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